Fun Ton Stage One FAQs

Our stages are perfect for music videos, photo shoots, interviews, events, YouTube videos, press kit specials, set builds, and nearly anything you can create!
If you can't find your answer here, please email us.


You are welcome to e-mail to request the availability of a date. As our space is available to Instant Book on a number of platforms, we do NOT offer holds of any kind until a 30% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit and your signed CONTRACT and paperwork is received.

If you are not able to make the full hold yet, we will be happy to put your dates on the calendar while your Production settles. We will do our best to notify you asap of a date challenge. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to inform you before the other person books.




The White Cyc will be freshly painted before your first day. Under most circumstances, we do not charge a fee to repaint the cyc for the next shoot. In the case of heavy use, water, damage, etc, a fee may be charged.

To protect the integrity of our White Cyc, we do not paint it any other color. It is pre-lit with RGB Skypanels with the ability to change it to most colors. Our Blackbox Stage (Stage C) is best for black void work. It also includes a chroma-green wall for greenscreen work.


Fun Ton Stage One handles your filming permit with Burbank Fire Dept and Burbank Police Dept in accordance to their policies. This fee is already built into your stage fee when booking directly with us. When booking with a third-party app, you will need to permit your own production.

The following special circumstances may require additional permitting and fees: cars on stage, smoke, fire, pyro, live audience, filming outside, filming animals, a very large crew/parking.


Our stage walls are thick and treated with multiple layers of Insulation Quilts to provide protection from echos, sounds emanating from other parts of the studio, and most outside noise.

We are not in a dedicated flight path. However, the loudest sounds such as large airplanes, helicopters, and train horns can pass through occasionally. We have filmed many hours of live sound here and are constantly improving its quality.



Our Stage has 1200amps of power for your use. We have (6) camlock hot tails that carry around 200amps each. These break out into multiple distro boxes - one in each stage. Each stage also has multiple 20amp edison circuits scattered throughout the walls.

If renting Lighting from us, your Stage includes a 3-Ton Grip & Distro package which will allow you to access the heavy power.



Vehicles are allowed in the studio. Currently, they will only fit on Stage A (small blackbox).

Burbank Fire Department requires a permit to be filed ($200) and several safety checks - including fuel tank less than 1/4 tank and must be moved on set with GoJacks ($50) instead of driving.


Filming animals and service animals are allowed. We do not recommend bringing personal pets but do not disallow it. Animals should be kept off of the furniture. Production is responsible for any loss and damage.


Overtime is billed at $250/hour. Each partial hour will be billed at a 1/2 hour and rounded up.


You are welcome to make small additions to your rental package on the day of the shoot. However, it is strongly recommended to reserve your equipment in advance. Additions will take time to approve, check inventory, QC, and bring over.

Crew will sometimes want something “immediately”. Please speak with your crew about how you’d like to handle additional items. We will do our best to find someone to approve the cost, however, sometimes that is difficult.


Only one client is allowed to book our studio at one time. You can opt to book a single-stage package or the whole studio.


A 30% Non-Refundable Deposit is required to secure your dates. Your final 70% payment, and payment for any additional items (Lighting, Walkies, Rigging, etc) is due before first entry.

We rent the Studio as one single space and it is extremely difficult to rebook dates. Your deposit will be forfeited for a push or change of dates for any reason. The deposit does not apply to other dates.

We do not make exceptions of any kind to our payment terms.


Nudity is allowed as long as the subject matter is legal. Additional terms, personnel, and permits may be required.


We have priced our Studio competitively, with no hidden fees or upcharges. Many amenities, which other stages charge hundreds of dollars for, are already included in our rate.

We only offer discounts for multi-day shoots and toward lighting rentals @ The Fun Ton Grip & Lighting.


We work with VIP talent often in our Studio. Production is responsible for any security or rider requirements.


Art Dept builds are allowed at our studio. Please have your crew immediately clean up any dust (including sawdust), paints, sprays, fluids, etc.

We have a dumpster for common Production Trash. Art Dept and construction trash should be hauled away.

Do NOT clean paintbrushes in our sinks. A slop sink and bucket is provided in the Art Dept room.

It is best to vacuum dust at the end of each day to avoid build-up on our curtains and walls. A cleaning fee may be applied if your space isn’t adequately cleaned at the end of your rental.


A site rep will be provided for you after normal business hours and is included in your rate. During normal business, representative(s) from The Fun Ton Grip & Lighting will be present.


We include toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, air freshener, and tissues for your cast and crew. Restocking is included in your CLEANING FEE.

While we may have a few recycled kitchen items available for your use, it is recommended to bring your own silver and plasticware, plates, cups, etc.